Pets are not only your beautiful friends but also an important part of your family. Owners of dogs know that their life is inextricably linked with joyful barking, walks in the park and the gullible gaze of a best friend.

Dogs, like humans, are prone to obesity. This can lead not only to shortness of breath, increased laziness and a sagging stomach, but also can cause serious disorders and diseases. Obesity directly affects the quality of life of the pet and he can not lead a full-fledged lifestyle – a long walk or play.

Obesity in dogs can be of two types. With a reversible form, fat accumulates in problem areas. If you adhere to a certain diet and increase the amount of physical activity, then obesity can be eliminated. With a degenerative form, fat accumulates in the internal organs and it is almost impossible to eliminate it from there.

Obesity of a pet is the irresponsibility of a person who cannot resist, so as not to please the pet with an additional portion of goodies.

To prevent obesity in dogs, you need to know the reasons why the animal can gain extra pounds.


Nutrition directly depends on the lifestyle of the pet, the characteristics of the breed and the quality of feed or natural food. Any food should be given thoughtfully, especially for treats and food from the table. If your dog is not eating his food properly, you need to find out the right reason. You can read a detailed guide on- HOW TO INCREASE THE APPETITE OF A DOG?


Loving owners are often fond of feeding and enjoy good animal appetite. Therefore, they forget about the amount of food that is needed and give too large portions. Dogs have no sense of proportion and they eat everything to the last bite. All that is not consumed is deposited in the form of adipose tissue.

Lack of feeding

Lack of regimen also has a negative effect on weight, as does excessive feeding. A medium-sized adult dog should eat no more than 2-3 times a day, and treats should be dosed. A dog can eat right, but endless bones and food from the table can not only cause weight gain, but also lead to food allergies. Remember! Food from your table categorically does not suit the dog, no matter how healthy and tasty it is.

Unbalanced food

Mixing different brands of food is not recommended, even if it is a premium food, like Optimeal dog food or Royal Canin dog food. Generally, mixing leads to obesity. If you prefer natural food you should continue ahead with the same diet plan. Before choosing a natural diet here are some important things to consider. You can read HUMAN FOODS THAT CAN BE FATAL TO DOGS: 7 ITEMS TO STRICTLY AVOID

Optimeal dog food and Royal Canin dog food

Sedentary Lifestyle

A dog without physical activity can also become fat. And even if in the diet only balanced premium-class dog food without proper physical activity, the animal will not be able to fully live. “City” dogs walk 1-2 times a day, and then on a leash, so they can not run and jump freely. Aviary is also not a good place to release energy. Therefore, use every opportunity when the dog can spend without a leash out of town or in a park.

Other Important Reasons

One of the reasons is the dog’s predisposition to obesity. Most often these are small decorative breeds of dogs. Owners of beagles, labradors, cocker spaniels, retriever, dachshunds and some others should be especially careful.

Obesity may also be related to age. The older the animal, the slower the metabolic processes in its body. In this case, physical activity decreases.

Also, one of the causes can be diseases of the endocrine system. If you have cut back on your diet and increased your physical activity and your dog’s weight remains in place, consult your veterinarian. Perhaps your pet needs a comprehensive treatment for excess or lack of certain hormones.


A balanced diet of dogs and a certain amount of physical activity will be a good prevention of obesity.

If not treated properly, obersity can be really harmful for your pet. Here is a complete video on the dangers it might cause to your beloved pet.

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