People who have pets and take care of them know that going to the veterinarian must be arranged in a timely manner. But many, even knowing about it, ignore this rule due to the fact that they do not know how to prepare their pet for examination and what to do with a doctor. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, which means that the visit to the vet is not postponed.

Before preparing the animal for the veterinarian’s appointment, the owner must thoroughly prepare for this process himself. He needs to find out if his pet has any ailments, to understand that he will have to keep his pet in the doctor’s office and help the doctor during the examination. Before going to the veterinarian, you need to do the following:

  • find the identity document and passport of the animal. If the pet does not have a veterinary passport, it is advisable to issue it;
  • take with you not only a leash but also a muzzle (unless of course, you have a dog);
  • if a pet is a cat, take a special carrier for it;
  • prepare answers to questions that the doctor may ask (the animal’s well-being, what is the appetite, is the vaccination schedule observed, does the animal have an allergy, has the pet been given drugs).

If the pet has any problems that appear externally, they cannot be hidden, because the doctor will not be able to accurately determine the condition of the animal. A pet should not be washed with shampoo, and if there is any discharge from the eyes or nose, then they should not be removed either.

Preparing pets for a veterinarian appointment

If the owner and his pet have already chosen the day when they will go to the vet, then the preparation for the visit should be as follows:

  • on the day of the visit to the veterinarian, you cannot feed the animal;
  • in the doctor’s office, you need to tell the truth about the pet’s condition, the presence of vaccinations and other problems;
  • clarify in advance which branch of the clinic you need to contact with the present problem and go there immediately so as not to create uncomfortable conditions for yourself, the animal and other people;
  • if the doctor requires you to hold the animal or help in carrying out any manipulations, strictly follow his instructions.

At home, you can wash your pet, but you should do it without using detergents. If the road from home to the veterinary clinic is long, then you need to take several clean bags with you so that after your pet goes to the toilet on the street, everything is cleaned. If the animal is in a cage, then you also need to take some bags, napkins, so that the necessary moment to monitor its hygiene.

Preparing for a trip to a veterinary clinic is much easier than it might seem at first glance. The main thing is to carefully think over the plan of a visit to the doctor, make an appointment for a specific time, so as not to torment yourself and the animal.

You need to take care of the condition of your pets on a regular basis and then going to the doctor will not become some kind of problem, but just an everyday procedure. The main thing is that the pet owner remembers that the better his pet feels, the longer he can enjoy his presence in the house. Visiting the vet takes so little time, and the benefits of such a procedure are enormous. You yourself can not diagnose the disease of your animal, what is wrong with him and what treatment is required, but an experienced veterinarian will give pet owners advice that is suitable for all occasions.

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