Create an animal account for your favorite pet and get ready for an influx of subscribers – he simply must become an Instagram star!

Each pet carries a unique nature that can serve as a start for your joint creativity. This process is relevant in that the involvement of both sides of the owner and pet carries a certain emotional charge. If you look at other animal accounts, then this energy will be present in everything.

It is worth taking a closer look at your favorite: maybe he is playful and mobile, his eyes burn at one glance at you, or maybe he is sad. He does it with such grandeur and routine that it is worth forgetting for a moment who is in charge. This is where important and understandable emotions lie for most people. Sincere feelings and emotional mood can make your account original and memorable.

You can combine your hobbies and aspirations with the life of your pet. If you love to cook and are ready to delight everyone with culinary delights, then you can create a pet cook account. It can be made by both the main character and a direct participant. If you like to travel, then this is a great occasion to create a travel account with your pet. In which you not only share useful tips and notes but also add different locations to the feed. If you are fond of fashion, then here is where to turn around, starting from a selection of various_the bows of an animal, to testing beauty novelties. 

Well, if you are definitely engaged in a fascinating creative process, then you can easily share your work and the work of your pet, presenting your masterpieces to the public. Not a few examples of animal accounts, where animals have distinctive external features and this becomes their business card, which you can see in bestial Internet memes. The first step to help evaluate your account is to set up your profile. Post a bright photo, tell about yourself and your pet in the description, indicate the subject of your account, leave contacts to contact you, and links to your profiles on other social networks.


We decided on the idea a bit. It’s time to devote all our efforts to create original content. A high-quality visual range increases the chances of attracting an audience; it differs in general style and original theme. Everything is achieved by working with filters and various applications.

To work with video, you can use tools and services such as Boomerang to create dynamic looped gifs, Hyperlapse – for an accelerated video sequence without loss of quality, Splice video editor, as well as MSQRD and Vivavideo. Short videos can become viral, which will speed up the process of recruiting subscribers. To work with images, the following editors and applications are used: Mextures, Matter, Brushstroke, Lorystripes. The last three are not quite typical and can help diversify the pictures, complementing them with objects, textures, and more. 

Free filters basically impose color on top of the picture and do not so delicately adjust the color palette, so do not regret investment and purchase paid filters. We suggest you take advantage of popular applications and services: VSCO, Snapseed, Retouch, Inshot, Instasize, PhotoshopFlipagram. It will not be superfluous to master the courses or draw information from the manuals on photography, the basics of composition, lighting, etc. Take your pet as often as possible, look for the best camera angles for shooting. 

Collect interesting content and video series. 

Optimally, if the number of posts is 2-3 times a day, and the best hours to post are morning and early evening. Use the search for relevant hashtags on the service,, and also do not forget to specify the geolocation in the pictures. If you do not have enough time, then use the special planning service SSMplanner – this will allow you not to lose sight of your subscribers. Look for the best camera angles. Collect interesting content and video series. 


The leading role went to your pet, and you, as a director and director, strive to show it from all sides. Of course, the bestial “Oscar” may not appear soon, but the title of the funniest or the very-most can easily fall on your ward’s head. Caring for the appearance and health of the animal should be an important priority for you! Shearing, bathing, nutrition, and dentistry should be part of the daily routine of the animal.

Haircut (grooming) – can be your pet’s business card. Avoid acid painting, wild and artsy haircuts and piercings (there are such owners), mistreatment of the animal will certainly cause a flurry of indignation.

Take care of the smile, or rather the teeth of your pet, and be sure to visit the dentist in the veterinary clinic. Your pet will thank you!

Regular visits to the veterinarian are the right decision. Pay attention to the nutrition and lifestyle of your ward.

Making the necessary documents and certificates about the health of the pet is undoubtedly a huge plus. You can safely visit your favorite events with your pet, travel around the country, or travel the world in search of adventure, posting photos in different locations that will decorate your event stream.


Another point is the work with subscribers. Choose a strategy for yourself and, first of all, pay attention to loyal subscribers with positive comments, and also distinguish between healthy criticism and trolling. With haters, you should not even start conversations and even more so enter into disputes. There are many accounts that are active with their subscribers: they can give away gifts, respond to comments, and likes. This of course creates a positive image and helps to get closer to a loyal audience. 

But there is one point – this is the time you spend on answers. Everything should be in moderation. Do not forget about the elementary rules of etiquette in communicating with subscribers. Pay attention to spelling and stylistic errors. Check everything you write and take the time to find time to check your text messages. Better stop and re-read. Useful analytics about the most active subscribers and posts with the most popular can be tracked using or Picaton.


When your pet’s account gets enough subscribers, a certain tipping point will occur. So you were able to interest the audience, and now the opportunity opens to continue moving in a given direction. This means that it’s time to earn money. After all, those forces that are spent on creating and developing ideas, photographing, and caring for a pet should and can be profitable. You should not seek help from a certain circle of people for cheating subscribers – we assure you that this does not work. 

Avoid the negative effect of advertising, which turns good content and an interesting account into a garbage dump with endless posts about useless products and things. If you are promoting a product, service, place, or product, then please filter the advertisers. Try to make everything look more natural.

Remember that Instagram is an amazing stream of creative process and thought!

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